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Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav Announces Exclusive Interview with Vizaca

Entrepreneur Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav, a first-generation entrepreneur based in Dubai recently gave an exclusive interview with the international magazine Vizaca

First-generation entrepreneur Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav is excited to announce he has given an exclusive interview with Vizaca, an international magazine dedicated to global entrepreneurs.

Jadhav serves as the chairman of SAVA Healthcare Limited and the managing director of Regent Global DMCC. In his more than 30-year career, Jadhav has built a wealth of knowledge and experience in industrial engines, supply chain management, hydraulic systems, ERP database design, cross border trade, first-to-market generics and veterinary medicines, international taxation, and many other areas.

His companies are focused on manufacturing and global distribution of high-quality generic medications that are affordable and can also be trusted by professionals in the healthcare industry across the globe.

In the interview, Jadhav, an Indian-born entrepreneur based in Dubai, shares insight into what he believes helps separate him from others in his field. He said that he leans on his background in mechanical engineering to help him with many of the different disciplines that his businesses focus on today.

Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav also said that an essential part of his professional journey happened in 2006 when his company faced issues with supplies because of the increased demand for branded generic drugs.

He was having trouble purchasing Indian-branded generic drugs from manufacturers in India, he explained, because of the way the distribution system for the pharmaceutical industry in India is set up.

To adjust for this, Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav set up a company in Mauritius that purchased medicines directly from manufacturers worldwide. This provided his company with significant cost savings, which gave it an edge over the competition.

In the Vizaca interview, Jadhav also gave his advice to college students and owners of new business startups who want to be successful in their field of choice.

Among other things, he urged people to: "Be optimistic and make full efforts when you have an idea. Conviction is very important for the realization of the idea."

He concluded the interview by explaining what drives him to keep going during tough times, which served as more great advice for other entrepreneurs.

"Every day is a new day, and it comes with new hope, new solutions, and new directions to pursue, making my life the way I need it," he said. "Time is a healer and patiently waiting for the tough times to end is essential."

Jadhav lives in Dubai with his family today because of its status as a global city. He still returns to his hometown of Pune, India, during holidays. His home there has been featured in the book "50 Most Amazing Homes in India."

He's achieved many accolades in his prestigious career, including being an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Pune Heritage.

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